“The thing that I love most in the world, other than people, of course, is poetry. And thus, by extension, religion and philosophy. Which causes me to love justice and seek truth. Which forces me to admit that the world is currently ruled by injustice and lies. Which drives me to anarchism and revolution.

Poetry is at the heart of my reality; it is how I feel anything at all. It is how I understand what I feel. It is how I express it. When poetry is used in the service of horror and ugliness, I call that an obscenity. I call on my gods for the strength to defeat it.”

A Wildness Comes on the Heart of the Deer

Humans are not programmed for truth. They are programmed for survival.

There are smells around that we physically can’t smell, there are sights to witness beyond the wavelength that our eyes operate in, and there are sounds to be heard that we will never fully hear.

The reason for this is that these things aren’t required for us to pass on our genes. The environments that we adapted to didn’t need us to be able to see like a snake might be able to or to sniff to the extent that a dog can.

Everything we take for granted as reality is, in fact, an illusion of sorts. There may be an objective component to what we see, but much of that objectivity is limited. Further yet, a lot of it is clouded by our subjective judgments.

Why Reality Is an Illusion – Medium

I would rather put my faith in people with a sense of the poetic rather than grey managers armed only with spreadsheets and deliverable outcomes in their future.